Sometimes Words Fail


Sometimes words fail. But often all we have is words. I will say this: I not only hope–but pray, and pray fervently–that all people of America will now stop for a moment to consider how to find peaceful resolutions.

Consider how the larger ramifications of divisiveness, blame, antagonism and hatred causes only destruction, and the blessings of coming together in a harmonious way is always mutually beneficial. This is a place in history for this country that is pivotal, regardless of political affiliation.

It is merely this, “United we stand, divided we fall.”

There is no way to bring together anything in anger and hatred. Anger and hatred will never work to heal this nation. And one person’s views are not representative of the rich diversity of human beings found on this planet, and in particular our country. However, every wise, celebrated and affective leader within this world has advocated peace, justice, and positive solutions.

If we all want to continue to live in the United States in a manner that is positive, it will require everyone’s participation. And it begins by eliminating the need to over-simplify the complexity of our country, and most importantly the human beings and all life found in it.

If you are a religious person, I suggest you pray for peaceful resolutions. If you are not, I ask that you stop to reflect on the practical value of peaceful communities, harmonious life and the rarity and glorious nature of having basic human rights for all. This is a conflict and a schism in our country that will not be solved easily; and it will require true dedication on all sides, in every mind and heart to find solutions that bring together and heal our communal life. This is not a football game, or a scenario of “winning” verses “loosing.” People can and do live well together while having opposing views when they want to–if we all at least value and respect the expansive practicality of justice, truth, safety for ourselves, community, peaceful existence, and prosperity for all. If we lose, we lose together. If we win, we win together.

This is our life that we all have come to enjoy, along side our family, friends, neighbors, and community. If you want safety and peace, you will not find it in furthering division by way of concept, words and action–or inaction. There needs to be the unilateral decision among all Americans to create space for peace and justice to dwell within, and in order to make this nation whole we must make it whole within our own selves–rather than to look for someone else to do it for us. Think of all that you value in your life, and then wish that for your neighbor too.

If we sink into survival of the fittest out of fear of the unknown, we will be rending our own opportunities into pieces. And if we tear up that potential, we destroy our own possibilities for happiness, health, and prosperity. Keep this in mind as we move through difficult times. We can do this together. But we cannot do it alone or in separateness. This is what we can do as a people, as individuals, regardless of ideology, religion or political attachments. Be the light by becoming the light. May we all be blessed!