Anger Is NOT Who We Are!

by Reni GuidoAll emotions are part of the human experience, but we are not our emotions. emotions are a secret language of soul that requires the participation of our own mind and intellect to understand, contemplate, evaluate and discern what our emotions of the heart are saying. Anger happens to us all. However, if one is emotionally literate then such a person can navigate through anger by understanding deeper messages behind the feeling of anger. anger is to our subconscious mind what physical pain is to the body. it means something is wrong. something is not sitting well. something needs to be done to understand this situation more clearly. it’s an interior red flag saying, “look here!” Being angry is not helpful. Even worse is when we carry around repressed emotion. repressed emotion or emotion that is denied and shoved back down into the psyche only comes back up in other ways. when one has repressed anger, a minor problem can cause us to reactively explode. To become throughly functional and effectively responsive to our daily situations we must examine our personal stories of life, ingrained patterns of thinking and develop introspection. Anger does get in way for the most part. there is the actual possibility of finding an emotional maturity within oneself with great effort, which can give us functionality to allow space to feel emotions without being enslaved by them. when that happens we can direct all our neutral and compassionate energy towards better goals.