Love. And Stand the HELL up.

IMG_5143“Love thy neighbor.” That is the foundation of Christianity. When Jesus asked a young man what is the most important teaching, the man replied “Love God, and love thy neighbor as thy self.” And Jesus told the young man that he was not far from heaven. This is Jesus’s primary teaching. “Love one another.” He also said over and over, “Judge not lest ye be judged.” “He who has no sin, throw the first stone.”

Now I know I am far from perfect. However, I am about to throw some reality. Let’s apply Jesus’ teachings as i just mentioned to what is happening currently. Do white supremacist love their neighbor? No. And it is pretty damn obvious considering they–themselves–proudly scream and wave their myriad of assault weapons in gatherings of hatred directed at everyone who is not included their tiny dense (as in ignorant and moronic) box who they as white supremacists have judged to deserve death, destruction or exile. Most of these hate-filled people identity directly with Nazis, who kill their neighbors, after torturing them and stealing everything they own. Do we need to hate and kill Nazis. No. Should they have the right to take over a neighborhood, a town, a state, a country in the name of hatred, racism and violence? Hell, no!

Everyone standing up for good and for human rights (which all people deserve) need to rip to shreds every tiny iota of the propagandized lie and any other excuses violent hate groups and white supremacist bigots use to condone their evil behavior. And white supremacists are in mutual agreement with one another acting together for evil, initiating evil, and the evil of deliberately causing death and harm as a consequence of evil mob mentally and violent actions. As a Christian we have the difficult task of loving thy neighbor anyway. Does it mean we allow Nazis and other violent hate groups like ISIS or whatever attack and kill others–especially on American soil? Hell no! Love requires some backbone folks. You are on the wrong side of LOVE if you think being passive and silent or making fun of protesters who deliberating put their bodies in harm’s way for the benefit of those who are being hated and terrorized to say “Hell, no! You will not terrorize us or anyone!!!”


Let’s get specific. If “you” are the one initiating more hate through indifference or by way of thinking it’s perfectly okay that white supremacy exists and you are giving them normality in this country; if you think it is okay to be on the sidelines snarling about protestors and being offended by the removal of stupid inanimate statues, offended by these objects created specifically to glorify slavery and white supremacy being dismantled or even torn down, you are a deluded buttkissing rascist hypocrite–if you also identify with being Christian. If you aren’t a Christian, or a religious person who has a doctrine of peace or you are just a human being with no regard for anyone else–then I have nothing to say except shame on you for being part of the “hate” problem if that’s where you stand. People are not merely offended by the statues of Confederate Soldiers or Generals and the like. They rather are tired to the bones of all those who have been destroyed and oppressed by way of the ongoing old white supremacist indoctrination that watches from these intentional memorials of intimidation to remind others of that reign of oppression. That battle was already fought and won. It was not won by the confederates. Confederate statues are memorials put up to honor the ideology of white supremacy. That’s is a fact of why they are there. They were paid for from the pockets of those with a white supremacist agenda. There is plenty of documentation of who it was that made sure these banners kept flying. If it was about the civil war, the memorials would be Union officers and soldiers. You don’t honor losers of a war, unless you are trying to perpetuate that war. So yes, maybe most of us white southerners do not look at these statues and see the ulterior motives to why they are there. But we, white southerners, aren’t the ones being threatened are we? And if we do know why these statutes exists, it’s to say “Remember what happens to those who stand up to the power of racism. Do you want a cross burning in your front yard?”


Bring it on. i grew up seeing that vile hatred. I know it when i see it. I choose to love the hard way. Hate groups need to be extinguished. We can do that by protesting, by standing up together, by running them out of the temple with a whip if we have too. Keep it non-violent and legal. Do it like Martin Luther King. But do not let anyone else die from this stupid persistent disease of greed for power and authority. It’s perfectly fine to be angry at this. This is righteous anger. But then we have to gather in our emotions, and transform anger into useful passions to turn our anger into positive action. Do we win by becoming hate ourselves? No. no one wins with hate. So stand up for others. Live and love fearlessly. And don’t put up with shit.

Love takes a mountain of courage. Hate is a coward that cherishes its own skin far too much to stand up alone. Hate is a selfish little pissant.

Get off the fence. You either love and stand up, or sit down and shut up. — Pamela Stansberry


Why do we hate?


The reason we hate is not because we fear what we don’t know. Racism and discrimination is always excused as a “fear.” It’s not fear as such, but it certainly can be a subtle tingle of terror felt in our guts telling us we are a part of the problem. We all have ignorance. We all have expansive unknown territories in which “we do not know.” Yet there is a larger, more destructive egotistical ignorance that we blatantly recognize within ourselves and feel the particular wrongness of it, and then we embrace this hate-filled ignorance anyway. Why do we do that?
The ignorance of this hatred, this evil, that persistently doesn’t seem to want to go away, is merely an individual problem with individual people that becomes a communal world problem; because we bring everything we are together for better or worse. We bring the joy of love or we bring the misery of hate. There is no “us” and “them,” but we divide ourselves from what saves us every day, in every moment, when we stand against what we know to be compassionate.

Within humanity there is only humanity. The divinity within humanity is humanity understanding the brilliance of the true human experience. Living egotistically is not the brilliance of the true human experience.

Selfish petty motives repeated in dull cycles of unconscious, unthinking, uncaring patterns are based in numb, meaningless survival, distortion, delusion and ingrained misinformation. Such a life is lived mindlessly going along with whimsical notions and reactions that are not helpful to anyone. If the negative patterns of thinking never change, the unhappy shallow way of life never changes. But people can become comfortable with misery when it’s all they know. Such is the nature of ignorance. Life is more than survival. Life is meant to be meaningful, but that is a choice we each have to make.

Even wild animals seem to know how to work together as a group better than humans to protect themselves from extinction. Could it be that human beings are the only species that will stare straight into the cataclysmic end of times caused as a result of our own bad behavior, and still stubbornly continuously refuse to learn or accept responsibilities for that unpleasant and unnecessary end result? “If I don’t get my way, I’ll make everyone suffer.” Isn’t that how it goes? Common sense demonstrates how benevolent behavior as a group leads to better living situations for everyone. Yet we continue to be problematic. The ego always screams like a child, “I want what I want when I want it, and I don’t care about anybody else!” We cannot continue to live like spoiled egotistical mean children, cruelly pulling the wings off butterflies, having tantrums to get what we want without thought or care about cause and effect. The ego doesn’t want to be challenged, but it must be regardless. And there’s our struggle, challenging the personal ego. Face the rotten little destructive demon within, and make your peace.

The reason we hate is because we are in the habit of hating. In the moment, it’s much easier to hate someone else, to blame someone else, than to make a personal effort to change the ingrained habitual negative thought patterns within our own mind. It’s easier to hate than to sort out the emotional dysfunction in our own hearts that makes us fearful and reactive to whatever sensations we “feel” within us. It’s easier to hate than to make an effort to work out our own ignorant ideas of who we are and what’s going on in the world; and decide to learn how to be kinder, wiser people who are willing and able to find positive solutions.

Do we suffer from the fear of fear—the fear of facing the darkness within our own person?

The glorification of ego, as “self,” has always been the modern way that will inevitably cause humanity to self-destruct—a preventable end to existence as we know it.

The obvious solution is finding compassion within our own mind and heart, while seeking to live altruistically to the best of our capacity. We, as individuals, can heal the world of all hatred and war in small mundane ways that no one might think significant at all.

Racism, among other hateful things, would no longer exist.

What we think, say and do is significant.

What we all “are” is significant, unilaterally so.

And, this is what is truly good within the world of people.

“Love one another.”

Smile. Let your heart open.

Forgive and shake hands.

It’s the only way.